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SKU: 38622252-women-3cm-united-states


1、Transparent and Invisible Design:

It can do 3 cm Height without being noticed by anyone even when put in shoes. Because it is a transparent insole.

2、Soft Silicone Can Be Used Repeatedly:

Height increase insole is softly protecting heel with 100% silicone material, with high adsorption power, It does not move in shoes, so you can use any shoes such as shoes, athletic shoes, mountaineering shoes

3、Relieve Tiredness:

Premium silicon heel gels grip pads soften impact on your sore foot, feet are comfortable. It has a shock absorption effect and keeps your feet healthy. Great for Running, Walking, Standing All Day Long.It is comfortable even in wearing for a long time in socks.


Material: GEL

Color: colorless and transparent

Increase Height: 1cm,2cm,3cm


Men: 9*6.5*1cm/9*6.5*2cm/9*6.5*3cm(L*W*H)


Package Included:

1 pair Invisible Insoles

Material: Silicone
Color: colorless and transparent
Increase Height: 1cm,2cm,3cm

  • Book Name: 1 pair of transparent invisible insoles
  • Author Name: Wishpackage
  • Product Type: Unknown Type
  • Item Publish Date: 2020 / 07 / 13
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