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Kitchen Grease Separator
Kitchen Grease Separator
Kitchen Grease Separator
Kitchen Grease Separator
Kitchen Grease Separator
Kitchen Grease Separator
Kitchen Grease Separator
Kitchen Grease Separator
Kitchen Grease Separator

Kitchen Grease Separator

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    🍲 Because of its new design, it is versatile and can be used as an ordinary soup spoon. It can also be used to separate the oil in the soup to make the soup more delicious.The spoon can separate the soup from the fat, which is more convenient and quicker to separate the fat, improves the efficiency, and leaves a delicious soup.
    🍲【Multipurpose spoon design】: This stainless steel spoon can not only be used as a traditional spoon, but also can separate fat and soup residue very well. During use, the soup juice flows out from the small hole to separate the fat from the soup. Drink clear soup and eat healthier.
    🍲【304 Food grade stainless steel】:Soup ladle using high-quality 304 food grade stainless steel material, ingeniously built, skilled in craftsmanship, one-piece molding, durable, and not rusty, ergonomic handle suitable for holding.
    🍲【Separation principle】:The oil and water are incompatible, and the physical property of the oil density is lower than the water density. The fat floats above the soup, and the outlet of the small hole is below the spoon. When pouring, the clear soup flows out from the lower hole first. So as to achieve the effect of oil-water separation.
    🍲【Easy to clean】:The surface gloss process, the gloss texture is very good, and it is very easy to clean, and the dishwasher is safe. Suitable for families, restaurants, picnics, etc.
    Product Description
    With it, start to enjoy fat-free delicious soup.
    Material: Food grade 304 stainless steel
    Quantity: 1
    Length: 12 inches
    Weight : 5.5 oz
    Due to its novel design and separation practicality, it is suitable for holiday gifts and provides the perfect tableware gift for families, restaurants or travel.
    ① Compared with the wooden and silicone spoons, the wooden and silicone structures are loose. After a long time, the surface will no longer be smooth, and there will be many small grooves, which are very easy to Residue. The moist storage environment is also easy to cause wood mold.not the case with stainless steel.
    ② Stainless steel spoons look very beautiful, because everyone wants a good dining experience, so using this stainless steel spoon with oil and water separation function can meet everyone's needs.
    ③ When buying a spoon, all consumers will hope that the spoon is not a waste of money, good quality, and harmless, and this multi-purpose soup spoon with oil separation is suitable for you.
    ④ The stainless steel spoon is not easy to deform after being heated, it is very solid and durable, and has a long service life. In normal use, it will remain undamaged.
    🍲【Very long service life】:This stainless steel soup spoon is integrally formed and has a very long service life. It is a good tool for catering. 
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