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Tender meat machine
Tender meat machine
Tender meat machine
Tender meat machine
Tender meat machine
Tender meat machine
Tender meat machine
Tender meat machine

Tender meat machine

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    Tenderness specification: 48 stitches (function: shorten cooking time, make lean meat tender and not jam teeth)
    Material: food grade plastic, stainless steel
    Instructions: This product is sharp and sharp, please keep away from children. Clean and wipe dry after use.
    Scope of application: pork chop / steak / lamb chop / Dongpo meat / chicken, duck, goose and fish
    usage method:
    Spread the pork chop / steak flat on the cutting board and press down from the meat with the tenderizer in hand,
    The meat will be punctured with holes. Repeat it several times to make the surface of lean meat full of penetrating holes,
    Most of the muscle fiber will be cut off. But it will not press the flat meat, keep the meat steak thick and rich taste
    It can also keep juicy, fresh and tender, taste fast when cooking, and the meat is cooked quickly
    The heating time is shortened by half compared with the conventional cooking. The mouth is tender and there is no coarse fiber to plug the teeth
    Let you enjoy the delicious food and avoid embarrassment
    When pressing meat, it will not blur the meat like the traditional mallet
    Even meat scraps and blood are flying all over the sky
    No matter how good the meat is, if you have muscle tendon, the pork chop you cooked is not as good as it tastes.
    If you want to cut meat slices or shredded meat, use this product to cut the tendon first, then your shredded meat will be tender and tender
    It is easy to marinate meat and shorten the curing time
    It can be proved in the same way. For example, chicken breast, thick salmon fillets... Can also be pressed with this commodity. It's easy to cook and taste
    With the tender meat utensil, you can also keep away from the chemicals like tender essence. Only in this way can you achieve a truly healthy and delicious food